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Rainbowbuilders in the media

We try to be active beyond this website. Here is a list of the major publications and media appearances of members of the rainbowbuilders team related to our project.


Editions de l'Hèbe

Otto Kölbl, La Chine vue d’Occident : au-delà de la contrefaçon ?, Editions de l'Hèbe, 2009.

An interview by Céline Tabou about the book: http://chinactu.org/2011/04/04/la-chine-vue-doccident-au-dela-de-la-contrefacon/

At the publisher's website: http://www.lhebe.ch/description.php?SID=&id=207

At Amazon: http://www.amazon.fr/La-Chine-vue-dOccident-contrefa%C3%A7on/dp/2889060098

At Fnac: http://livre.fnac.com/a2775895/Otto-Kolbl-La-Chine-vue-d-Occident-au-dela-de-la-contrefacon

Otto Kölbl: La Chine vue d'Occident: Au-delà de la contrefaçon?

Academic publications

Otto Kölbl, "Human rights, values and the media" in Papers of the Fourth Beijing Forum on Human Rights, Beijing 2011.


Otto Kölbl, "Human rights in the information era: Evaluating the efforts of governments to provide health care" in Papers of the Fifth Beijing Forum on Human Rights, Beijing 2012.

In Western media

24 heures, a Swiss French daily newspaper

Otto Kölbl, "Notre Tibet remis en question", 11 March 2009.

Internet archive: http://journal.24heures.ch/archives/opinions/tibet-remis-question-2009-03-10

Paper edition pdf document: http://www.rainbowbuilders.org/Tibet/24heures_2009-03-11_Tibet-remis-en-question.pdf

24 heures Otto Kölbl Tibet


Le Temps, a Swiss French daily newspaper

Otto Kölbl, "Le Tibet, un simple pion sur l'échiquier international ?", 20 March 2008.


Le Temps Otto Kölbl Tibet


Le Temps

Otto Kölbl, "L'école suisse, comme en Chine ?", 29 November 2007.


Otto Kölbl Le Temps L'école en Suisse, commen Chine?


RTS Radio La 1ère, a Swiss French public radio station

Program Devine qui vient dîner, 2 June 2010, broadcast again on 26 October 2010.


Otto Kölbl RTS la 1ère Devine qui vient dîner


RTS Radio La 1ère

Program Médialogues, 10 March 2009.


Otto Kölbl RTS 1ère Médialogues


RTS Radio La 1ère

Program Devine qui vient dîner, 13 November 2008

Program Médialogues, 12 August, 14 August, 22 August 2008.

Program Le Grand Huit, 1 April 2008.

In Chinese media

CCTV News (English language Central Chinese News Channel)

Program Dialogue, 12 December 2012.


Otto Kolbl CCTV news Dialogue 2012 12 12


China Radio International

Stuart Wiggin, "Swiss Expert: Western Media's Reports Lack Research", 13 December 2012


The audio file: http://media.iphone.cri.cn/news/reports/2012/12/1213media.mp3



???? (People's Daily)

??·??????????????, 15 December 2012.




China Daily

Li Junru, "Development of human rights in China", 23 September 2011




???? (Guangming Daily)

?????????????“??????”, 6 June 2010.


Otto Kolbl Guangming Ribao 2010 05 06


???? (Guangming Daily)

??????????“??????”, 5 April 2010.



??????????????? (State Council Information Office)

??·????????????????????????????????, 14 December 2012.