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What we do and why

We are not an organization, just a loose group of people who share some opinions and interests, but not all. Our main means for action is this website, which has got three objectives:

  • to inform about the world and in particular about China and other developing countries,
  • to offer a forum for direct intercultural dialogue
  • to put some pressure on the journalists and researchers whose methods are somewhat problematic.

This is not about questioning freedom of opinion. Everybody has got the right to have his own convictions about China and other countries in the world and to express them. However, if somebody uses facts and data to support his opinions, this must be done with a minimum of rigour.

The lack of rigour is quite often the problem, not only in trash newspapers (lots of investigations have shown this in detail), but also in the most prestigious newspapers and academic publications. Unfortunately, not many people dare pointing out these problems. Even the researchers who analyze our media will avoid using external data in order to evaluate the quality of the reporting of prestigious newspapers. With our website, we wish to fill this gap.

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  • Ordinary

    观其言 看其行

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  • Otto Kolbl

    @Ordinary: 如果你觉得我们的言论和我们的行为不同,为什么你不给我们具体的例子?我们欢迎基于可靠数据的评论,但是“观其言 看其行”这种的评论对跨文化交际真的没有用。

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  • Mogician


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