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Bâtisseurs d'arcs-en-ciel – là où nos médias érigent des murs, nous jetons des ponts

Nous travaillons sur une meilleure compréhension entre les cultures et les classes sociales, en nous appuyant sur des données solides dans un cadre basé sur les droits de l'homme et la médiation de conflit.

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  • Sonali social welfare women organization.

    Sonali social welfare women organization programs for the poor in society, such as providing support and services as adult and child education, reproductive health, children, women and the quality of life developing boys-girls tailoring & garments, handicraft & cottage knowledge and training, adolescence awareness, child marriage, Prevention of domestic violence against women, poultry , Rearing cattle, Sanitation and safe water supply, plantations, safe maturate, food and nutrition, AIDS prevention , Disability and responsible for the development of society, Government, semi-government and non-governmental organizations with the coordination ordinates.

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  • PF

    I don't understand what your website is for. What is rainbow builders? What are you trying to say? It seems that you have a writer called Otto, a German name I think? Are you living in China? I'd like to understand better. Thanks...

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